Saturday, December 3, 2011

America China Oil Painting Artists League - (click to enlarge)

One of three Grand Prize Winners of the second annual
America China Oil Painting Artists League competition.
Exhibited at the Butler Institute Of American Art
in Youngstown, Ohio, December 18th,  2011
through February 27th, 2012, then, on to Beijing
and a five city tour in China.


David Gluck said...
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David Gluck said...

I think this is a very creative and unique work.

theanthrotorian said...

This is so fun!! It makes me want to go jump in mud puddles!

Teresa said...

I thank you for that David.

Pudel-design said...

That looks amazing!
Really great!
You have a new fan in me;)
Lovely greetings from Germany...

Anonymous said...

looks like a photo..very realistic..amazing

jeff said...

This is my most favorite painting in the last decade. Thank you for the sublimity.

Peter Pascal said...

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